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Improving the profitability of agricultural production. Thanks to our activities in EU forums and groups to help the milk and pork markets, our efforts led to the launch of the Hogan package.

The easier sale of farmers’ produce. We have introduced a law that facilitates the sale of farmers’ produce.

Protecting Polish land against buy-out. We have taken steps to protect Polish land against speculative foreign buy-outs.

Allowing wider access to farmers’ insurance. We have increased the rates for crop and livestock insurance, and increased the funds available to cover claims.

Improving the quality of life in the countryside. All residents of Poland have benefitted and use the social programs we have introduced.

Increasing advance direct payments. From 2016, advance direct payments are paid out in the maximum amount specified in EU regulations, i.e. 70%, for all types of direct payments in Poland.

Improving the administration for agriculture. We established the National Centre for Agricultural Support which aims to counteract the excessive concentration of agricultural real estate, and ensures that only persons with appropriate qualifications carry out agricultural activity.

Adopting the "Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 - Polish priorities" to fight for Polish farmers’ rights in the EU.
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