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Beata Szydło elected to the European Parliament with a record amount of votes

May 27, 2019
525,811 - this is the total number of voters who cast their ballots in support of Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło, number one on Law & Justice’s list of candidates in the Małopolska-Świętokrzyska region. This number of votes was the highest received by a candidate not only in this election, but in the history of European Parliament elections in Poland to date.

"Thank you for every vote. For politicians, your support in elections is vital. It is more important than the positive opinions of journalists or polls, because it’s the people themselves decide who to trust. The result I gained – more than half a million votes – gives me great satisfaction, but it is also a great challenge and responsibility not to let down those who supported me" said Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło after the official election results were announced by the National Electoral Commission.

"We have achieved success because Poles can see that the government of Law and Justice cares for Poland. People have a better standard of life, and live in a more dignified manner".

The Deputy Prime Minister also thanked everyone who was involved during the campaign. "We won because we were able to resurrect Poles' enthusiasm. It was thanks to them that we set new election records: a record voting turnout, a record level of support for the Law and Justice party, and finally, the record number of votes to elect me. We managed to reawaken the spirit that accompanied us in 2015 during the Presidential and then parliamentary campaigns. This is a success for us all."
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