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European Declaration

1. A Europe of Values
We will work to return the European Union to the values its creators held, and which became the foundation of the EU. 

2. A Europe for Families
We will protect parents' rights to raise their children from overbearing state-agency involvement. 

3. European support for the Polish countryside and agriculture
We will actively support the interests of Polish farmers. 

4. An EU budget which is good for Poland
We will negotiate a new European Union budget which benefits Poland. 

5. The European Common Free Market
We will defend Polish companies’ right to be treated equally on the European market. 

6. Safe boundaries for Europe
We will continue to seek the correct levels of security and to protect the Union's external borders. 

7. An energy-independent Europe
We will strive to ensure Poland and Europe gains energy security and independence. 

8. The same quality of products throughout Europe
We will fight for consumers throughout Europe; that they are treated equally and have access to products and goods of the same quality. 

9. A Europe of equal opportunities
We will seek to eliminate the double standards of how countries are treated within the European Union. 

10. A fair climate policy for Europe
We will focus on changing Europe's climate policy to take Polish interests into account. 

11. Sustainable development - the basis of a strong EU
We want a strong cohesion policy to be the basis for speedy EU development based on solidarity between member states. 

12. STOP illegal immigration
We want Europe to help in places of conflict. We remain opposed to illegal immigration.

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