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Sport and tourism

Sport and tourism

More money for child and youth sports. We created a system to get financial support for child and youth sports.

Founded the "clean sport" scheme. In 2017, we created the Polish Anti-Doping Agency which is an important step on the way to ensuring "clean sport".

Creating an innovative financing model for future Polish athletes. To support young talents, we created the ‘team100’ funding program to provide financial support.

Investing in a modern sports infrastructure. We are building a network of Open Activity Zones - public open spaces for sports, recreation and rest.

Developing a network of sports facilities. By the end of 2017, we allocated almost PLN 250 million to develop sports facilities.

Introducing the Tourist Guarantee Fund. This ensures that if a travel agency goes insolvent, holiday-makers will be able to safely return home and will quickly have any personal payments refunded due to the insolvency.

Poland becoming more and more attractive to tourists. Over 130,000 Poles benefited from two editions of the "See More of Poland - Weekend for Half Price!" Program.
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